From sports teams to golf course managers, many will tout the natural-looking aesthetics of artificial grass. Known for its organic appearance, synthetic turf has been a popular choice for everyone looking to create a safe space. It cushions as well as pleases the eye.

There’s no doubt artificial turf has been the choice for many. However, is it something you want? Is it worth your money? To help you make a more informed decision, we have a list of synthetic turf’s boons and banes.

So, if you are in limbo between a fake grass playground and a poured-in-place play space

Also called resin-bound rubber mulch, the bonded rubber mulch resembles the appearance of traditional wood chips, like landscaping mulch. This material is often used among outdoor playgrounds, daycare centers, and other recreational sites for kids.

Bonded rubber mulch is an artificial playground surface made from several pieces of rubber and is stuck together to create one material. Contrary to popular belief, bonded rubber mulch isn’t made from loose pieces of wood or rubber mulch; this surface is compressed and appears glued together, which is why this is also called “resin bound rubber mulch” by many.

Is Bonded Rubber Mulch the Best Material For Playground Flooring?

A bonded rubber mulch playground…

When it comes to playgrounds, you have plenty of options to make it fun and enjoyable for kids to play in. Because they’re kids, you want them to be safe. Playground rubber tiles are simple, non-fussy, and easy, and we’ll tell you why rubber tiles are the best option for your playground flooring.

Safety of Rubber Tiles

If you are looking for a material that’s safe and will stand the test of time, rubber tiles are your best option.


They Are Shock-absorbent

A key component of safety, especially in a playground, is being able to protect the children from falls. Rubber playground tiles are able to protect…

The modern era of playgrounds and play areas is here. Spaces made to optimize the safety of playgrounds have always been the priority for educators and education management professionals. New technology helps in this endeavor, one of the most significant improvements being safer flooring options like playground rubber mulch.

You can’t go wrong choosing rubber mulch playground flooring because it offers a wide array of beneficial advantages. Aside from being safer than traditional wood chips, it’s also cost-effective, high quality, and easy to install.

If your playground is still using traditional wood chip mulch or engineered wood fiber mulch (EWF)

Playgrounds typically have two primary goals — to let children have fun and to keep them safe. A play area that achieves these objectives can be considered a success. To accomplish this feat, you should consider using poured in place rubber for playgrounds instead of other flooring materials.

What Is Poured In Place Rubber?

Poured in Place (PIP) rubber is a type of surfacing material that provides an outstanding solution for playgrounds, especially when used by active individuals.

When installed correctly, it provides the flooring with a shock absorption layer for sufficient cushioning of falls from playground structures. …


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