Playground Rubber Tiles: Pros & Cons To Evaluate

5 min readMar 24, 2021

When it comes to playgrounds, you have plenty of options to make it fun and enjoyable for kids to play in. Because they’re kids, you want them to be safe. Playground rubber tiles are simple, non-fussy, and easy, and we’ll tell you why rubber tiles are the best option for your playground flooring.

Safety of Rubber Tiles

If you are looking for a material that’s safe and will stand the test of time, rubber tiles are your best option.


They Are Shock-absorbent

A key component of safety, especially in a playground, is being able to protect the children from falls. Rubber playground tiles are able to protect kids from serious injury of up to eight feet in falls (not that we’d want that to happen to your child) if the correct tile thickness is chosen.

Our 2.5-inch tiles can resist falls from up to six feet, and our 4.25-inch tiles can go up to eight feet.

They Are Non-Slip Even When Wet

A playground after a rain shower is a dangerous hazard for kids. Eliminate the danger by installing rubber tiles which will remain non-slip despite being wet, due to the rubber’s porous surface. Rubber tiles are also a great option for rooftop playgrounds which are often exposed to different weather conditions.

They Are ADA Compliant

Kids with physical disabilities (such as being in a wheelchair) are still able to enjoy themselves in a playground with rubber tiles. If you are looking for inclusivity that all kids will surely enjoy, our rubber tiles are your best bet.

Ideal for Sensitive Children

Kids with sensitive skin or allergies will not have any problems with rubber tiles as they won’t pose any threat to their allergies becoming inflamed. Our rubber tiles are made from the most premium rubber from natural materials, EPDM rubber (which is responsible for making the rubber tiles weather-proof), and SBR rubber (which makes the surface stay flat and supple). Our materials are free from lead, wood, harsh chemicals, and other irritants, making our tiles the safest option for your children.

Provides Hassle-free Cleaning

Because you have kids frequenting your playground, you want to make sure that the environment can be easily disinfected and is sterile. The rubber surface of these tiles makes it easy for washing and cleaning, ensuring that the place is free from harmful bacteria that might cause illness to children. You don’t want your playground to be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.


The waves and grooves of the rubber tiles might cause tripping if installed improperly. You have to take your time and ensure that each tile is laid down flatly and smoothly so as not to become a tripping hazard for children and adults alike.

Installation of Rubber Tiles

The rubber tiles we use at adventureTURF measure 24 by 24 inches and can be trimmed to fit your area’s nooks and crannies. They come in two thicknesses, 2.5 inches and 4.25 inches, and are available in a variety of pleasant colors. They can also be custom-made to your desired pattern and design!


They Are Great for Indoor Playgrounds

Because the materials can be easily carried to one location to another, this makes installation of rubber tiles to your indoor playground fairly simple. They are also great for common recreation centers. There won’t be a need for extremely heavy machinery for the installation of your tiles. Plus, there won’t be any strong chemical odor, unlike with other surfaces.

They Are Fun and Creative

Rubber tiles can come in any color, shape, or pattern — allowing you to get creative with your design. You have the option to make cool, eye-catching patterns that kids will surely fall in love with. Your tiles can come in bright colors!

They Are Smooth and Seamless

Rubber tiles interlock, creating a smooth, seamless surface. This means you won’t have any problems with tripping seniors or running children.

They Are Weather-proof

Rubber tiles are extremely resistant to rigorous play and use, and they can withstand the UV rays of the sun as well as downpours, making these tiles super ideal for outdoor use.


You may be able to install the rubber tiles on your own, but to be absolutely certain that the tiles have been installed properly, have a professional help you instead.

Also, rubber tiles do not last forever. Make sure you swap the older ones for fresh, new ones to ensure that they are still providing optimal shock absorbency.

Cost of Rubber Tiles

The price of installing your rubber tiles depends on the surface being covered, what sort of surface is being covered (is it on a rooftop or on a ground level?), and how much surface preparation is needed prior to installation.


They Are Cost-effective

The cost of rubber tiles are fairly cheap compared to other surfaces, and they’re super cost-effective as it’s quite tough to damage them in the first place. They also will not shift or move easily and have good adhesive qualities — perfect for the stomping feet of kids. Rubber tiles are extremely durable and will last you for years, and will even outlast sand, wood mulch, and even rubber mulch.


The cost upfront for rubber tiles are much more expensive than sand, wood chips, and pea gravel.

Next Steps

Fall protection standards have significantly improved ever since rubber surfacing replaced traditional material used in playground surfaces, and we are happy that you’re taking the action to keep that going!

If you’ve decided that rubber tiles are the best for your playground, contact us today for a quote. If you want to learn even more about rubber tile flooring from adventureTURF or other playground surfacing options, visit our site!




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