Rubber Mulch: The Truth of Playground Safety

The modern era of playgrounds and play areas is here. Spaces made to optimize the safety of playgrounds have always been the priority for educators and education management professionals. New technology helps in this endeavor, one of the most significant improvements being safer flooring options like playground rubber mulch.

You can’t go wrong choosing rubber mulch playground flooring because it offers a wide array of beneficial advantages. Aside from being safer than traditional wood chips, it’s also cost-effective, high quality, and easy to install.

If your playground is still using traditional wood chip mulch or engineered wood fiber mulch (EWF), it’s time for a change. Keep reading to learn more about rubber mulch playground flooring!

Safety First

The Safest Material

The Softest Material

On the downside, that softness can sometimes be difficult for a wheelchair, scooter, or walker to navigate, and as such, any mobility considerations should be taken into account. If your playground needs to be optimized for accessibility, planning your rubber mulch use has to be a priority. For that matter, a better solution may be poured rubber playground surfacing.


Upfront Cost


One consideration is that while you will save on maintenance, you will have less flexibility in your maintenance requirements.

Unmatched Quality



Fast, Easy Installation

The DIY Option

Has your order arrived? Drop it into the space you want, make sure it is thick enough, and your playground is ready. If it isn’t thick enough, it will create safety issues. It needs to be at least 6 inches thick. If you’re not sure how to do it, it’s better to bring in professional help.


The Story So Far

Your rubber mulch is going to perform better, cost you less, cause less stress, and make your playground safer and more fun. The old methods of wood mulch or EWF have worked for a long time and continue to be used, but just because something has been done one way for a long time doesn’t make it the right choice.

Rubber mulch is still the new kid on the block, which means that it isn’t as widely used as the other playground mulch options. Rubber mulch is like an e-book that does the same job as a traditional physical book, but better and at a lower cost.

Switching now means staying ahead of the standard. While it may not be common right now, rubber mulch is the future safety standard and preferred choice for playgrounds. Educators and designers will need to make the choice eventually, and it is better to do it sooner than later.

Ultimate Responsibility

If you want to worry less about that responsibility and get better results with safer children and happier parents, rubber mulch is the way to go.

Here’s the Deal

The Next Steps

Nonetheless, if you want to know more about rubber mulch flooring from adventureTURF, you can browse around the site or use the contact form to get answers and receive a free quote.

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