Pros & Cons of Bonded Rubber Mulch and What You Need to Know

Also called resin-bound rubber mulch, the bonded rubber mulch resembles the appearance of traditional wood chips, like landscaping mulch. This material is often used among outdoor playgrounds, daycare centers, and other recreational sites for kids.

Bonded rubber mulch is an artificial playground surface made from several pieces of rubber and is stuck together to create one material. Contrary to popular belief, bonded rubber mulch isn’t made from loose pieces of wood or rubber mulch; this surface is compressed and appears glued together, which is why this is also called “resin bound rubber mulch” by many.

Is Bonded Rubber Mulch the Best Material For Playground Flooring?

Moreover, individuals and businesses are choosing to use bonded rubber mulch because this material is easy to customize and is safe compared to other mulched materials available today.

However, this doesn’t mean that bonded rubber mulch is the best flooring material for a kid’s playground. If you’re planning to create a playground for your kids or upgrade the one you have right now, you shouldn’t solely rely on how “popular” a flooring option is.

Before you come up with a decision, it’s vital that you consider the following factors first:

● Safety

● Cost

● Quality

● Installation

Is Bonded Rubber Mulch Safe For Playgrounds?


● Bonded rubber mulch is a better playground flooring option than common loose fill materials because it’s a unitary surface.

● Similar to tiled rubber or poured-in-place rubber playground flooring, debris is unlikely to get buried or stuck in the material.


● Bonded rubber is only a single layer of surfacing.

Tip: Poured-in-place rubber flooring is safer and more shock absorbent than bonded rubber and other playground flooring options available. Additionally, poured-in-place rubber flooring provides better accessibility and mobility to kids who use physical aids such as walkers, scooters, and wheelchairs.

Is Bonded Rubber Mulch Affordable?



Is Bonded Rubber Mulch High-Quality?

As mentioned, creating a playground for kids will require money, and you can only make the most out of your investment if you choose a flooring option that’s durable enough to last for years. Quality is also important to ensure that kids remain safe as they spend time on the playground.


● Because of its variety of colors available, you can easily create an appealing playground when you use bonded rubber mulch.


● Unlike poured rubber playground surfaces, bonded rubber mulch can’t accommodate intricate design or patterns, or stenciled games because its material looks like wood fibers.

Tip: When using bonded rubber mulch for your playground, make sure to hire an installer who uses premium rubber materials, such as SBR, EPDM, and other natural materials. Bonded rubber mulch made from natural materials is free from wood, fire, and other contaminants, making your playground safer for kids.

What’s the Installation Process for Bonded Rubber Mulch?


● As long as you hire professionals to do the job, installation of bonded rubber mulch in your playground will usually take only a day.


● After its installation, you need to regularly maintain the overall condition of bonded rubber mulch to ensure that it continues to meet safety guidelines. Your inability to maintain this flooring surface can cause serious injuries to kids.

Next Steps

A bonded rubber mulch playground has countless benefits, but this isn’t the only flooring option for your playground. If you’re looking for a material ideal for larger playgrounds in schools, daycare centers, and other public areas, consider using poured-in-place rubber or rubber playground tiles. We highly recommend these materials because we believe that these are some of the best ones to use for your playground.

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